Kitchen makeovers can be a lot of fun . . . in theory, that is. Sure, we all love the idea of being able to imagine our dream kitchen and have it come to life in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, the idea of creating a kitchen is much more enjoyable than the actual process. Here are five awesome kitchen design apps for the iPhone that make kitchen design more organized and enjoyable for you:

Kitchen Design 1.1 by AppCore. Use this application, nicely priced at 99 cents, to view kitchen photos for ideas, and also to access a database of information regarding kitchen design materials, methods, styles, and more. Additionally, you can also send your friends the pictures you like to get feedback, straight from the app.

National Kitchen & Bath Association Kitchen and Bathroom Planning Guidelines with Access Standards by Wiley Publishing. A very important part of kitchen design is making sure that your design is in accordance with building code. Unless you are an architect or interior designer, it is unlikely that you are aware of the hundreds of building code regulations that might affect your design. This app puts all of that information at your fingertips, along with a whole lot more.

MySurface by Dupont. Need help choosing cabinet and countertop finishes? This is the perfect app for you. MySurface allows you to browse a vast library of kitchen countertop surface options and then displays the options on your iPhone screen in a way that allows you to accurately compare how they match up to other surfaces in your kitchen.

Home Design – KITCHEN by Dolina DelMar. If you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen design, then look no further than this handy app. Home Design – KITCHEN is packed full of kitchen styles and creative design ideas, and is the perfect source for comparing and sharing characteristics of your kitchen design wish list.

Interior Design: Kitchen and Bathroom 1.3 by Magnetic Apps. This app features a library of some of the best kitchen designs, as created by some of the best kitchen designers in the business. Browse through this app to find useful ideas that can translate to your own kitchen.

As you can see, your iPhone can go a long way in helping you out with your kitchen design. Download these apps today and turn the difficult task ahead of you into a piece of cake.