Today’s children are exposed to such a high level of technology at a young age, and most will agree that technology gadgets, including the iPhone, have become an integral part in the lives of many children. And while all parents want to be able to trust their children’s use of technology, kids by and large do not have the maturity or self-control required to properly use such devices. A smartphone will open up two worlds to a child: the good and the bad one. It is important that parents understand their kids’ cell phone usage to avoid any bad surprises.

A New Cell Phone Spy Software

One new development in smartphone technology that responds to parents’ concerns regarding their children’s use of smartphones is Mobile Spy, an award-winning iPhone Monitoring application that has been featured on major media channels such as CNN, Forbes and PC World. Mobile Spy enables parents to track all their children’s iPhone activities, in total secrecy, and it runs smoothly in the background and your children will never know about it.

Mobile-Spy Will Outsmart Even The Trickiest Child

With any iPhone, children can make and receive calls and texts along with Internet access. While it may be simple for parents to disable the Wi-Fi function or enable restrictions with a password on the iPhone, many tech-savvy children and teenagers are capable of toggling the Wi-Fi settings or find some other way to bypass restrictions. With Mobile Spy, parents can keep track of this behavior and divert any attempts their children make to override settings for internet usage.

Mobile-Spy Will Help Prevent Unsafe Usage

For individual and family plans, parents can easily monitor the date, minute and text usage of their children. However, phone bills do not provide details such as time stamps of calls and content of texts, so parents cannot know if children are calling friends during forbidden hours or if they’re hanging out with the wrong circle of people. With Mobile-Spy, parents can see all of the data within their child’s phone, including their child’s texts, calling history, contacts list, live GPS location, app downloads, primary e-mail, web site visits and uploaded photos and videos.

Mobile-Spy Manages App and Other Internet Downloading

The greatest concern to parents is the usage of mobile apps and the Internet on the iPhone. Many minors might have their parent’s credit card account on file in their iTunes account, and while some parents trust their children to use the credit card wisely, other children are undisciplined and purchase whatever catches their interest. The danger of apps is optional in-app purchases, such as unlocking secret characters and disabling advertisements, commonly found in games. With the comprehensive monitoring technology in the Mobile-Spy software, parents can stay on top of their child’s app purchases and prevent overspending on unnecessary, or even inappropriate apps.

Mobile-Spy Can Save Your Child’s Life

While many of the above benefits of Mobile-Spy software probably might not impress the more liberal and optimistic parents who would rather not impinge on their children’s privacy, one of the truly remarkable features of Mobile-Spy is its ability to track the phone holder’s live GPS location. In the most unfortunate circumstance that your child is lost (or worse), the Mobile-Spy offers the life-saving benefit of this live GPS location function, as well as the benefit of enabling the users to track SMS messages and calls by silently recording them and then uploading the data to a private Mobile Spy secure online account, where valuable information about the child’s whereabouts would be stored for retrieval.